This site was created out of a passion to see a change in the world. A change that begins with you. By sharing your stories, we are able to gain new perspectives, to make connections, and to unite not only in our similarities but in our differences. As a human being, you have had your fair share of conflicts and endured hardships. You are a Souldier who has fought through such difficulties and survived. This site is a safe place to share those stories and for you to read the stories of many others who have gone through complications of their own. A story can be about an embarrassing moment in high school, a first heartbreak, or an event that changed your life. You choose.  Unless asked otherwise, each story is published anonymously to create a safe place. In the comment section below all posts, feel free to comment, encourage, or talk to each other but please refrain from spreading any negativity. As well as your stories, I will also be sharing my thoughts and opinions on various topics on this site. If you would like to write, or have any posts you would like to see on the blog, please feel free to contact me.

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